Representing premier manufacturers in the action sports and outdoor industries. is a sales agency dedicated to advancing green initiatives in the action sports and outdoor industries. We're a passionate group of athletes and industry veterans who recognize that without snow, clean water and fresh air, we have no future. Whether our customer is member of Ducks Unlimited or the Sierra Club, we know that our common interest in the outdoors binds us. With that strong bond, which transcends politics, we believe it is on us, the insiders of the industry, to lead by example and invest in our clean and healthy future. donates 5% of all profits to outdoor preservation organizations and educational sources.

New Showroom in Green Mountains of Vermont

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Steve Clayton

Steve is a passionate snowboarder, skier, surfer and skater (and a kick-ass amateur photographer). Steven has been a sales rep in the action sports and outdoor industry for 14 years. In addition, he has five years of retail management experience and co-owned and ran a successful surf camp from 1998-2006. He lives in Vermont with his wife Kristen Connelly. Contact Steve









Cara grew up in Underhill, VT spending winters snowboarding and skiing. An avid runner, she enjoys races and running the scenic trails around VT. It is her passion for the outdoors that brings Cara back to Vermont from Boston. In Boston Cara studied fashion design and art history at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After graduating in December 2011 Cara worked as a Visual Merchandiser for the independent, luxury retailer Louis of Boston. She loves to paint, draw and study art. Contact Cara




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